fruit dragon




magic (rare)

Lark has a rare condition causing patches of scaleless skin, undeveloped from when he was a hatchling.
His condition makes him feel very alienated from the group, and he chooses to cover his face and skin patches with flowers due to his low self-esteem.
He is autistic, doesn't socialise with his bunch much, and hoards small bits of crystal in his flowers in fear of rejection from the bunch.


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He is afraid of the rain and will not try to get it on his flowers because he thinks he will not be accepted.
He also keeps himself busy by taking care of the birds, flowers and the pet rabbits of his garden.
Although he feels very low self-esteem and doesn't know anything about socialising, the flowers he keeps on his face are quite beautiful.
He just can't accept that he isn't going to be the main character in the book he likes so much.


Fruit Dragons are a closed species by meroaw.