Terms of Service

  1. Purchasing art from me grants you personal usage rights, but does not grant you commercial usage rights. This means you may not use my art for marketing, merchandise, or otherwise to gain a profit without first gaining consent.
    1. Personal use includes, but is not limited to: resizing or cropping for non-commercial use, displaying on your profile, posting to a character gallery. Other rights including single prints for personal use can be negotiated. Credit is preferred where possible.
  2. Unless negotiated for a fee, I reserve the commercial rights to my artwork for marketing, print sales, and similar, with the intent to profit from it.
    1. This includes the right to display all commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, blog, or journal. If the commissioned work is a time-sensitive gift, I will happily delay public showcase until a negotiated date.
  3. Once the art is completed, a refund will not be available.
    1. Once the art has progressed past a basic sketch, only a partial refund will be available.
    2. I may recycle basic sketches that were rejected for other commissions or personal works.
  4. Please be clear if you have a deadline for your commission before payment. I may not be able to meet all deadlines, and I generally reserve 2-3 weeks to complete your commission. I usually take less time, but don’t work well under pressure and suffer from chronic pain flare ups. Please keep this in mind.
    1. Failure on my part to complete your commission within a suitable amount of time as agreed on by both you and myself will result in a full refund regardless of progress. A partial refund can be requested by you at any time.
  5. I require clear visual references to work from. Exceptions may be made, but I cannot guarantee quality or even the ability to attempt a piece at all without adequate reference.
  6. WIPs will be sent at key points (sketch, linework, color, etc) as well as at points where I may be unsure of whether my work is matching your vision, at my discretion.
    1. Change requests should be made as soon as possible during the progression of your commission. Your happiness is my goal, but in many situations it can be very difficult to backtrack.
    2. I ensure that you will get updates regarding your commission when necessary, however, you are encouraged to check in with me if you would like further updates or reassurance.
  7. Changes are limited. I am generally quite flexible, but I reserve the right to refuse changes, especially if said critique reduces the artistic quality of the piece.
    1. If change requests become excessive but still manageable, I may offer to continue making changes for a fee.
    2. Redline corrections are welcome to ensure the best result. However, like other changes, the requests should not be excessive.
    3. Editing of my work by anyone, including clients, is not allowed. Please contact me if you’d like a change to be made.
  8. Prices on all commissions (including YCHs) are subject to change based on the complexity of the character, but will be discussed and agreed on before work starts.
  9. Payment must be made upfront through PayPal.
    1. I request to be paid in USD unless stated otherwise. My PayPal account defaults to receiving AUD, so please be mindful about this while paying.
  10. I may issue a full refund and cancel a commission for any reason, including but not limited to: poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, personal circumstances (mental health or pain issues), or inability to complete your commission at my own quality standard at this time.
  11. I reserve the right to reject any commission for any reason on a case-to-case basis.
  12. Under no circumstances will I draw: hateful images, vomit, scat. Themes such as pregnancy, etc may be allowed on a case to case basis, but not as the focal point of an image.
  13. You must read, understand and agree to all of the above terms before entering into an agreement with me. By sending payment (or otherwise confirming a non-currency agreement), you agree to the above terms.