Bubble Bliss

Bubble Bliss


Pony (unicorn, presents as an earth pony)




Milk, Milky, Bubble

Cutie Mark

Strawberry bubble tea


Sweet, childish, smart


Body Outline

Blue Hair

Blue Hair Outline

Pink Hair

Pink Hair Outline

Eye Highlight #1

Eye Highlight #2

Eye Lowlight #1

Eye Lowlight #2

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Bubble Bliss works at a juice cart with his special somepony, Fruity Float. The two stallions built the cart together over a shared love for delicious drinks and a search for purpose.

He's shy and softspoken, as well as fun-loving and cute.

  • His horn is so small that it can only make low-level magic – he hides it in his mane and presents as an earth pony. His horn is usually not visible from under his mane.
  • Loves bubble tea