space cat / shapeshifter






imaginative, perceptive, shy, affectionate, open-minded

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A shapeshifting alien who came from space in a meteorite impact.

Comet has full control over his form, though typically takes the form of a small blue and white cat with amethyst-purple eyes, fluffy blue and pink hair, and pink stripes on his hips and tail.

He always wears his star locket, usually attached to a purple collar. The locket contains a Glamourite gem, which is the true holding place for his soul, and the source of his energy and connection to space.

He usually only alters small parts of his form, such as whether he has wings (rather than wing-shaped markings on his back), or what his hair looks like, but he has also been known to present as different species and could theoretically change form entirely.

Sometimes Comet likes to change his body sexually, too!
Most of the time he presents as a typical AMAB boy with a semi-feline penis with soft rounded barbs, but sometimes he prefers a more typically transmasculine appearance, with a smaller (~2in)  barbed penis and boyhole. However, he always has a flat chest.

Pls do not refer to Comet or his genitalia with typically female terms, slurs, or fetishizing terms.
It's always super preferred to go for something subtle and cute, like "boyhole". Thank you!!