glowlight leopard




quiet and shy

Luma Galaxias ♡ 

Luma is a sylphlike feline with an unwavering talent of getting lost. 
While curious, he fails to think things through and often finds himself in sticky situations. 

His favourite hobby is sitting outside and watching his glowspots shimmer in the moonlight - and they make a good nightlight for reading, too. 

Luma prefers boys, but he's super shy and often doesn't know how to initiate conversations, let alone physical contact! 
Deep down inside, he wants nothing more than to be loved.

About Glowlights

Glowlights have patches of fur that glow, called glowspots. 
Their eyes, tongue, and genitalia commonly glow as well. 

The strength, health, and mystical power a Glowlight possesses are measured by the number of glowspots the animal has and the lux. 

Luma has an average amount of patches, but his lux is reasonably high. 
This often means that while strong, he tends to shy away and doubt his ability. 

Glowlights are like glow-in-the-dark paint, they thrive off the light. 

However, if Glowlights are in the dark for too long (a few hours), 
they will stop glowing and lose consciousness until they are exposed to light again and given time to recharge.